5 Italian League Legend Players You Should Know

5 Italian League Legend Players You Should Know

Becoming a star player is indeed one of the main goals of soccer players, especially for the world’s top players. However, actually being a top player is not memorable enough, of course a player wants to be remembered after retiring, so many of them are determined to become a legend.

Becoming a Legend Is Not Easy

Even though today there are many names of football players situs judi bola online who have succeeded in becoming legends, or at least considered as legends, the fact is that making such an achievement is not an easy matter. A player must be consistent at the highest level over the years, or at least they must present titles at major levels such as the World Cup, Euro Cup, or win many European Champions League titles.

Rows of Legends in the Italian League

The Italian League is not what it used to be, where they were once considered the most popular league in Europe, but the fact that they were victorious gave rise to a number of Legends in this League. Among these legends, the following five legends are considered the best, who are they?

  • Paolo Maldini

Of course, almost everyone knows very well about this legendary figure, he is Paolo Maldini, the great legend of AC Milan. He is an all-time Rossoneri legend who spent his entire career as a footballer with the Italian Serie A giants from 1985 to 2009, where he retired. While defending Milan, Maldini presented 26 titles, including five European Champions League titles.

  • Alessandro Del Piero

Unlike Maldini, Del Piero did not spend his entire career with Juventus, he was recruited from Padova in the summer transfer market in 1993. However, it can be said that he spent most of his career with the defending Italian Serie A champions, because he only left Turkey in the season. summer of 2012. During that period, Del Piero presented a number of classy titles, including 6 Italian Serie A titles.

  • Gianluigi Buffon
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Buffon currently plays in the French Ligue 1 event with Paris Saint-Germain. However, most of his career in football, was spent with Juventus. He joined Turin in the 2001 summer transfer market from Parma. For approximately 17 years defending Juventus, Buffon was so loyal, he was not even tempted to leave when Juve were relegated to Serie B because of the calciopoli case in 2006. Buffon managed to present 19 titles, including 10 Scudetto among them.

  • Francesco Totti

Just like AC Milan, Parma also has a great legend who has devoted his entire career as a football player only with AS Roma. His debut started in 1992 and chose to retire in 2017 yesterday. It must be admitted, in this list, Francesco Totti is the player with the least titles, where during his 25 years of defending AS Roma he only presented three titles, one of which was the Italian Serie A title in 2001.

Apart from being a legendary player who is famous for his harvest penalty kick, Totti is also known as one of the players who likes to collect big motorbikes or Moge. One of the MOGE collections that is owned by Totti is even included in the row of the most expensive motorbikes in the world.

  • Andrea Pirlo

And the last one is Andrea Pirlo, he is a legend who has defended three other Italian giants Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan. But Pirlo spent most of his time with AC Milan, to be precise in the period 2001 to 2011. Then he joined Juventus in 2011, leaving Turin in 2015. While in Italy, Pirlo managed to collect 16 titles, including six scudettos and two titles. European Champions League.

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