Dragon tiger is a term from an online casino gambling game where this game is a game that uses cards. As a tool to play and money or chips as a tool for betting. This is why dragon tiger is also included in the type of online gambling game.

This game is one of the games originating from China which adopts a similarity which is almost the same as the game of baccarat. But in this game there is no cut or chance like the baccarat game. So you could say dragon tiger is a game with a purely random chance.

The conclusion is for those of you beginners if you want to try this game, you should master and understand some basic understanding first, after that you try to find a reference site which is good for you to try to start playing this game. If you have prepared the capital to start playing.

Dragon tiger has 3 different betting options, namely Dragon, Tie, and Tiger. Of the three types of bets, this has a significant difference between dragon tiger and tie, because if you place a dragon or tiger, then you must have a higher card value for that option, if the result is a draw then the tie will be the winner.


For beginners who just want to try playing judi casino online, you should have mastered some basic things that you should know, namely. In the game dragon tiger has 3 betting options, including dragon for dragon pairs, tiger for tiger pairs, and tie for series pairs.

The dragon bet is where you choose to place the dragon option. If the card in the dragon option is higher than tiger. Then you will win with a total payout of 1: 1, but if the value of your dragon card is lower than the tiger option pair, then you lose. If the dragon and tiger results are the same. Then the stake will return.

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The tiger bet is a pair where you choose the tiger option bet as your bet. If the value of the option card tiger is higher than dragon. Then you win with a payout of 1: 1, and if the value of the dragon card is higher than the tiger option, then you lose. However, if the results of the dragon and tiger draw, the stake will be returned.

For a tie or tie bet, the result of the card value between dragon and tiger has a draw or balanced value. If you place this bet and the result is a tie round. Then you get paid a 1:18 prize. However, the chance to be able to guess the bet is only 1.05% because this bet is very difficult to predict.

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