Bluffing Techniques Used by Professional Online Poker Players

Bluffing Techniques Used by Professional Online Poker Players

Online poker games are considered one of the types of card games that can provide very many advantages, thus making this game very popular. Many poker daftar situsqq players have earned hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah every time they bet at online poker agents. But not a few also lose because they do not understand and do not master the techniques in online poker to earn money. One of the most popular techniques is bluffing.

In pkv games server online poker games, bluffing or bluffing techniques are a natural thing to win bets. The bluffing technique in poker is a technique to deceive the opponent. By using this technique, it is hoped that the opponent will be deceived because by raising the bet it is as if you get a very good card combination even though it is not necessarily. But you have to be careful, if you make a wrong move this technique will boomerang for you.

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The Right Time And Moment To Do The Bluffing Technique

The bluffing technique will be effective if used only at certain times and moments, because if you use this technique too often, you can guess that your opponent is bluffing. Read in advance the fixed times and moments in doing the following bluffing:


Use the bluffing technique at the beginning of the round or the end of the round only

Use this technique at the beginning of the round if you are absolutely sure that you have a good card combination to win the bet. For the second round, make sure you have a card combination that is not too small so that you have a chance to win a bigger one.

Use bluffing when there are few opponents left

Use this technique when only 1 opposing Poker139 player remains because it will be much easier to play the opponent’s mentality. However, if you believe you can bluff more than 1 person, we suggest a maximum of only 3 people.

Do it when your chips start to decrease

You can use this technique when your chips start to decrease so you can get big profits. But you should still be careful, use this technique when you are absolutely sure that the opposing Poker139 player will not follow your bet.

Pay attention to the opponent’s chip count

Do not do this technique if your opponent has a small chip. taruhan bola terpercaya Because if the opponent’s chips are few, they usually don’t care about the cards they have. Of course you don’t want to lose in a very ridiculous situation.

Must have card combination

Don’t try to do this technique if you don’t have any card combinations, unless you are absolutely sure that your opponent will cover their cards. If your opponent follows your bet, at least your opponent must have one card combination and dare to join your bet.

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To find out if your opponent is bluffing or not is actually very easy. Just pay attention to whether the Poker139 player has received a lot of defeat or not. And also don’t forget to look at the cards that appear on the table. If the cards on the table do not have any combinations but your opponent raises a large bet, there is a possibility that your opponent is bluffing.

If you meet an opponent who is bluffing, you only need to focus on your card combination. If you get a good card combination, please come along or if you can, you have to increase your bet too.

That’s the bluffing technique that I can explain, hopefully you can apply this technique and of course win a lot of bets. To get other techniques, please visit our tips and tricks.

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