Changes in lottery in Indonesia from era to era

Changes in lottery in Indonesia from era to era

Indonesia is one of the countries that strongly opposes gambling in their territory. Now there are regulations that prohibit all forms of gambling. This has an impact on the lottery game which is very popular in Indonesia.

Previously, it had almost disappeared and was not found again. Until the 20th century, the game appeared again in a different form, which is known as the online lottery.

Until now, this lottery gambling game has a lot of enthusiasts in various regions. So that makes this game very easy for online lottery gamblers to find.

If we explore in detail this Togel game from the first time it was introduced, you will certainly find interesting facts, which in fact the game has changed from year to year.

For this reason, in order to increase your insight into this lottery game. In this article I will also explain in detail the changes that have occurred from the start to 2020.

So that players know the history of this type of lottery game, which this game itself has been popular for a long time. So, follow this article to the end because I will tell you all about this gambling game judi online terpercaya.

The Beginning of Togel Gambling

If you look for the Togel game, it is not known where it first appeared and who found it. However, in Indonesia, the game was known for the first time when Portuguese traders came to Indonesia.

Starting from the desire to take an approach to strengthen relationships. It turns out that this is the starting point for Indonesian people to recognize the term gambling.

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The first gambling game introduced is what we know as Togel or also an abbreviation of dark toto.

It seems that the introduction of this game to the Indonesian people was based on several reasons that had been considered. Some of these reasons include:

  • Simple

If we compare this Togel game with the popular gambling game that you know today. Later you will see that this game is not difficult to play. Which is how to play it is that you will only be asked to guess the 4-digit number which consists of a combination of a combination of selected numbers from 0 to 9.

So you can imagine at that time because of the limited access to communication, this game was introduced.

  • Introducing Standard Numbers

Therefore, at that time the standard of using language was still not available, making it difficult for Indonesians to communicate. This also applies to the Portuguese, making it difficult to trade.

So from that this Togel game was introduced in order to make Indonesians familiar with the numbers used by these traders. So that trade transactions can be done more easily.

  • Benefit

As you know yourself, this lottery game is played by placing bets on the dealer, which will be issued by the dealer.

So automatically every losing bet will be taken by the dealer. Because this game was introduced by the Portuguese, they also acted as dealers and they also benefited from it.

It is for this reason that the Togel game was introduced at that time. In fact, who would have thought this was welcomed by the people of Indonesia, who at that time played it a lot.

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How to Play Togel Online

For how to play the game, I previously explained that the game is very easy to play which will be drawn 4 numbers which are a combination of numbers from the choice of numbers 0 to 9. So the task of the players will be enough to choose one number from the choice of 0000 – 9999 .

Later in order to win the players must choose the same number as the number drawn and the draw can only be done 1X a day. In other words, you can only bet once a day.

The emergence of Online Togel

Then, since Indonesia’s independence in the country, regulations have been made that prohibit gambling, which if only someone is caught placing bets at land lottery, later starting from the dealer and also the players will be punished according to the existing regulations.

As a result of this, this game began to disappear and began to be abandoned by many players. Until the 20th century was the beginning of the discovery of online gambling sites, the Togel game was heard again which at that time was carried out through the online gambling site.

This is where the game that was once popular and disappeared has now returned to being known with its new appearance known as the online lottery. In the appearance of this form, it turns out that many things have changed.

The first change lies in the way of betting that previously had to meet the dealer directly. Now this doesn’t need to be done which will be enough to access the site you can place bets on the condition that you have access by registering first.

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Even later, if you previously placed a bet in this online lottery, you will be asked to choose a market, which is the party that will draw the output number, not the dealer.

Plus, besides the market, there will also be choices in the types of bets. What is now in 2020, the types of bets are very diverse, not only guessing numbers. But there will also be bet types that provide choice options. This is the change that has occurred from the start to 2020.

Besides that, there are also many advantages if you play this online lottery gambling. Each online lottery gambling agent certainly has different advantages that players can get. With the many advantages that can be obtained, players can find the right agent later if they want to play online lottery gambling.

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