Complete Tutorial How to Play Sakong Online

Complete Tutorial How to Play Sakong Online

Although only 2 years old, Sakong Online has become a popular online card gambling game in Indonesia. That’s natural.. Besides being fun to play, How to Play Sakong is also very easy to learn.

Guide to Playing Sakong Online

Before discussing How to Play Sakong, it would be good if we first get acquainted with the oldest card game in the world.

Similar to the Texas Hold’em Poker poker pake pulsa game… Sakong also uses playing Poker139 cards as the main medium of the game. The total number of people who can play the Sakong Game is 8, where:

  • 1 person acts as a city.
  • 7 people act as players.

Number of Players In Sakong Game

In the Sakong Online game, every player has the opportunity to become a dealer. With a note, the player meets the applicable requirements.

What are the Requirements to Become a City?

Requirements to be a sack town

Based on the picture above, the requirements to become a dealer vary, according to the type of table:

  • Game Table 1k : Brings 50K worth of chips.
  • Table Game 2k : Brings 100K worth of chips.
  • 5k Gaming Table : Brings 250K worth of chips.
  • Gaming Table 10k : Brings 500K worth of chips.

Game Table 20k: Brings 1 million worth of chips. How to Play Poker139 Poker According to the Rules of International Online Poker Sites

  • Table Game 50k: Brings 2.5 Million worth of chips.
  • Game Table 100k : Brings 5 ​​Million worth of chips.
  • VIP Table: Bringing Chips worth 10 Million Rupiah.

If none of thePoker139  players meet these requirements, the system will continue to search… So the game will not start.

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The process of city selection in the online sack game

Conditions of Victory in the Sakong Game

At Sakong Online, each player will get 3 cards. Where at the end of the game, Daftar Taruhan Bola the value of each card will be added up and then pitted. Here are the 2 winning conditions that exist:

As a player, you must have a Total Card Value greater than the Bandar to come out as a winner.

As a dealer, you only need to get a Total Card Value that is the same / greater than other players.

How to Calculate the Total Value of the Sakong Card

Even though the game system has done the calculation automatically, it wouldn’t hurt if we studied it right? To be able to do this calculation, we must know the value of each card obtained:

  • Cards numbered 2 to 9, have a value according to the numbers on the card itself.
  • Ace, has a value of 1.
  • Jack, Queen and King cards have a value of 0 / 10.
  • Example of Calculation of Total Sakong Card Value
  • Example of Online Sakong Card Total Point Calculation

Vital Records:

Total Maximum Card Value in the Sakong game is 10

If it is greater than that .. Then the card 10, Jack, Queen and King will be worth 0.

Levels Game Sakong City

#1 Betting Stage

After the dealer is selected, each player will be given 8 seconds to place a bet. If within that time the bet has not been placed, then the player is considered to have folded.

#2 Card Distribution Stage

After the bet is placed, each Poker139 player (including the dealer) will get 3 cards. At this stage, each player has 25 seconds to unlock the cards they get.

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Note: The card will open automatically, if the given time runs out.

#3 Card Competition / Showdown Stage

After all cards are exposed, it is at this stage… The Total Card Points of each player will be contested with the dealer’s. See the winning conditions at the top of this article, so you don’t get confused!

Jackpot Bandar Sakong Online

Sakong also provides a Jackpot with a total value of millions of rupiah… which you can get only by obtaining a Special Card Arrangement. Below are some of the existing Sakong Jackpot Card Arrangements:

Online Socket Jackpot Card

In addition to getting Jackpot Cards, you also have to buy Jackpot Tickets before the game round starts. Below is an example of a player who won the 3 Image Jackpot:

The player who gets the pocket jackpot

This is a tutorial on how to play Sakong… Hopefully after reading it, you can easily get a win when playing Sakong on the Poker139 Site. See you in the next article on the Guide to Playing Online Gambling!


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