Curious? This is the History of Online Gambling

Curious? This is the History of Online Gambling

History of Online Gambling – Online gambling is currently growing, both abroad and in Indonesia.
The development of gambling is not only instantaneous, but also many factors that influence the development of the gambling game itself.

One of them is the development of technology and the internet.

which at this time this development has a large share of the gambling game.

Currently we know that there are 2 types of gambling games.

namely land gambling and online gambling. Where each of these gambling games has its own advantages.

Land gambling is a type of gambling game that requires players to come directly to a place to play gambling or commonly called a casino.

As for online gambling, it is a type of gambling game that relies on technology and an adequate internet network. without the need for players to come directly to the place to play situs qq terbaik gambling or casino.

But now we will discuss about the developments that occur in the world of online gambling games.

Online gambling itself has begun to develop in the 90s or more precisely in 1994. The development of online gambling has begun to show its fangs.

At that time online gambling was known as the Free Trade and also the Processing Zone Act which was then legalized or legalized by the government of Antigua Barbuda.

And until now there are also several online casinos that operate by adhering to the system of the laws that were passed at that time.

The following I will briefly describe the history of the development of online gambling games:

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-Year 1994: In 1994 was the beginning of the beginning of online gambling games.
and obtain legal approval of gambling.

As well as there is a trigger system in online gambling games called Microgaming.

Microgaming itself is one of the largest software development tools in the world whose use is to monitor all online gambling game activities.

– 1995: In 1995 Cryptology, a company emerged specifically designed to start developing all the software available and needed in online gambling games.

Self-developed software has the benefit of being able to process game transactions safely.

– In 1996: In 1996 there was an institution called Boss Specialtidningar AB which at that time concentrated on developing the operational system of online casino games.
and Microgaming itself began to concentrate on technological developments in the world of online casinos.

In 1995 also Intercasino claimed that they were the pioneers of the first internet casino.
who bet and receive real money, and start operating their systems.

– In 1997: In 1997 there was an event where he expanded Boss Casinos by moving it into Boss Media AB located in Antigua Barbuda.
Antigua Barbuda itself is the originator of online gambling laws as well as one of the countries that have implemented online gambling.

– 1998: In 1998 Microgaming launched a product where Microgaming made a progressive jackpot slot.
in online gambling games for the first time and was named Cash Splash.

However, in 1998 the United States drafted a law banning online gambling, but the bill failed to materialize.

Saat itu industry permainan judi online menghasilkan pendapatan sebesar $ 834.500.000.

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-Tahun 1999 : Pada tahun 1999 Lasseter’s casino internet memiliki lisensi pertamanya dari negara Australia online.
Serta diperkirakan terdapat 700 casino online yang saat itu mengambil keputusan untuk memiliki pertaruhan secara online.

Pada tahun yang sama juga diluncurkan sebuah perangkat lunak game baru yang memiliki fungsi multi player.
dengan keunggulan yang memungkinkan anda sebagai pemain dapat berinteraksi langsung dengan para pemain lainnyapada saat permainan game online berlangsung.

-Tahun 2000 : Pada tahun 2000 memiliki berita yang mengejutkan, dimana pada saat itu pemerintahan federal Australia.
membuat perundang- undangan Moratorium perjudian interaktif menjadi illegal untuk semua jenis permainan judi casino online.

dan akan mulai beroperasi sebelum bulan mei pada tahun 2000.

Pada saat itu hanya Lasseter’s Online yang menjadi satu- satunya judi casino online casino online yang diizinkan melakukan operasional di Australia dengan dasar perundang- undangan yang baru saat itu.

Terdapat perkiraan ada 680.000 orang customer/ pelanggan yang saat itu menggunakan sistem pembayaran elektronik online untuk melakukan pertaruhan internet.

Sekarang, Gibraltar dan Isle of Man menawarkan sebuah lisensi permainan taruhan olahraga online.

-Year 2001: In 2001 there were an estimated 8 million people at that time gambling online.
for real money and it becomes legal at licensed online casinos and will open outside the Nevada area.
at the time it was the new Nevada law.

In 2001 there was an online gambler who won $414,119.

when he played slot machines in the Caribbean online casino.

at this point the win is the biggest online game win.

So a brief explanation of the history of the development of online gambling games, hopefully this article can add to your information about the world of online gambling.

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