Disadvantages On IDN Poker Online

Disadvantages On IDN Poker Online

Disadvantages of IDN Poker – For those of you, true bettors, of course, you already know the IDN poker server.
the one on the online gambling site, right? This IDN poker server has also been widely used on other online gambling sites.

In fact, there are also many bettors who play using the IDN poker server.
But even though it sounds like this IDN poker server is not foreign.

do you know what deficiencies exist in this IDN poker server?.

Surely many don’t know if this IDN poker server actually has obvious or invisible flaws.

Here is his explanation:

In terms of connection, this IDN poker server is very slow.

Especially if your internet network is not good, then make sure your game on this server will also not be comfortable and fun.
In fact, many bettors complain about this problem because they are not satisfied with the connection on the IDN server.

– IDN poker server only has 7 card games viz.

Poker, Dominoes, Ceme, Mobile Ceme, Capsa, Super10, Omaha, of course different from the V Games poker server which has 8 games.

In addition, the games on the IDN poker server are also outdated.

never even add new card games to attract bettors to play daftar idnplay poker338 on the IDN poker server.

there are even bettors who find it difficult to choose a game because there are only a few game choices.

This IDN poker server still doesn’t have an application for Android and iOS that makes it easy for bettors to play.

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so bettors still often find it difficult if they want to play because they must have a good internet network and also have to open it via a browser or internet explorer.

– Poor service, lots of bettors complain about this related to poor service or slow response.

so bettors have to wait to get an answer to what is being asked.

-In addition, this IDN poker server is very often subject to maintenance or interruptions, so this makes bettors feel dissatisfied.

because when bettors want to play but can’t because they are being disturbed or maintenance.

-The last and most important thing for bettors to consider playing on this IDN poker server is the win rate or win rate.

which is very low compared to the Poker V Games server which has a high win rate or win rate, making it possible for bettors to continue to win when playing on the Poker V Games server.

Such are the shortcomings of the IDN poker server.

so now you already know the shortcomings of the IDN poker server.

It’s just a choice you want to play on the online poker gambling server which one do you think is more comfortable and you feel more satisfied. play on that server.

But even though it has many shortcomings, this IDN poker server is also still one of the best online poker gambling servers in Indonesia. In addition, the IDN poker server also has many loyal bettors playing on this server.


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