History And Origins Of The Game Domino QQ

History And Origins Of The Game Domino QQ

History of the Domino QQ Game – This type of domino game may be familiar to gambling game lovers.
where now domino games can be played online.

The domino qq gambling game or what we usually call the online domino qiu qiu gambling game is a card game that can be played by anyone through online poker gambling sites.

But do you know about the history and origin of this domino gambling game.

For this article, I will discuss the history and origin of the domino qiu qiu gambling game.

The Origin and History of the Domino QQ Game in Indonesia.

A historian says that this domino game came from the Bamboo Curtain country, China.

The game of dominoes was first played agen judi idn poker by the Hung Ming army in 181-234BC.

at first, domino is a traditional card game played by the lower class.
Elite class people rarely play this type of game because it is considered a low class game.

These dominoes are known to have been made by a slave for the emperor as an offering.
And after that, dominoes finally became a game played only by the nobility.

However, there is another historian of money named Chu Sz Yam who said that.

The domino game was made by a civil servant named Yan Chu Sz.

and dedicated to the emperor of that era, Emperor Hui Tsung in 1120.

Domino game pieces were first discovered in China as early as 1120 AD.

And based on historical records. With the discovery of the domino pieces.

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So it has been believed that the domino game is a gambling game that originated in China.

In historical records, it is said that Yan Chu Sz was the first to give the emperor Hui Tsung a domin card as an offering.

Then the game began to spread widely to the reign of Hui’s son, Kao Tsung, from 1127 to 1163 AD.

Dealing with the introduction of dominoes in Europe, especially Italy, perhaps in Venice and Naples, in the 18th century. One of the short writings in the Game of Tarot section, namely Michael Dummett.

However, although domino cards have clearly come from China, as a result of this there was a debate whether the maker came from Europe or came from China to Europe in the fourteenth century or was created independently.

The game has a written history giving rise to many different bola deposit pulsa versions. However, what is clear from all the versions agree that the domino game was first born and known in China.

This game in Indonesia was originally the game most favored by the nobles.

Now this game has become one of the most popular games, especially in the era of internet technology and computerization as it is today.

The main thing is that this game is played in groups and seems to have become a tradition in Indonesia.
if domino qiu qiu online is always a fun friend when watching the night or on certain occasions.

That’s my review for the history of the domino qiu qiu game in Indonesia. If you don’t have an account for the domino qiu qiu game, then register yourself right now at the trusted online poker agent site of your choice that provides domino qiu qiu games.

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