How to Avoid Online Poker Robots

How to Avoid Online Poker Robots

Tips for Avoiding Robots in Poker – It is true what bettors say is that online poker games are fun to play but it is not known that there is something that has been feared until now, namely online poker bots.

The meaning of the bot is like a system robot that is deliberately inserted into the game table to defeat members. So this has a very bad impact on members of course.

Many regret this because it ruins the exciting game of poker. But that’s just the opinion of members who feel and experience events against robots that always win in every round.

Actually the robot does not exist, maybe those who have experienced only met senior daftar poker online players who were having great luck.

Every online gambling site must make games that are provided by fairplay to give confidence to its members. In the original player versus player game there is no mix of robots or anything else.

As a site should show everyone that it convinces them and does not believe in strange things. Often encountered when playing poker maybe because of the many players who are good at this old game.

For beginners it must be surprising to keep winning every round and rarely lose. Here Poker139 has collected criteria to avoid bots as below.

Criteria for an Online Poker Bot Player

It is again advised not to play with players suspected of being online poker bots. This only makes the risk bigger and will not be profitable.

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You should always focus and don’t be fooled by it. From now on you can be more alert for those who are new to reading this article.

Below Poker139 will give a few tips to avoid robots in poker:

1 . The name is not clear/irregular

Indeed, this is the hallmark of their robot as a system is made because of its name. It is certain that those who have experienced have seen an account like this.

So, the action taken is to just pay attention to 3-5 rounds of what happens. If you feel suspicious or something is wrong and feel sure you are a robot, then immediately stop the game and change to another table.
Too late or not realizing it will automatically lose quickly.

2 . Keep an eye on the winning players

This incident will certainly be encountered but do not let it escape your attention. Because it can be very deep because players who are not aware will definitely play on and feel curious to want to win. Even though the robot is not yet known, we just want to prevent it before it happens to you.

Even though our cards are good too but still lost, the guess is correct. The nature and serenity must be considered not to be tempted or provoked then it is definitely not going to leave the table.
The main thing is not to fight online poker bots, it can be dangerous.

3 . Played long enough at the table meja

After knowing and making sure that there is a robot, just pay attention while playing. His time must be very long at the table game.

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Therefore, it is necessary to realize quickly and imagine if not getting continuous income can change the wind of your luck.

From our article above, we can conclude that the dangers of bots in online poker have not been realized at first.

It would be nice to start with being more careful not to harm yourself. Of course, this is not desirable in any way.


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