How to Play 3 Kings P2PLAY

How to Play 3 Kings P2PLAY

How to Play Poker 3 Kings – 3 Kings on the P2PLAY provider is a game that comes from mainland China and is commonly known as Sakong Poker139 which means sa is Three and kong is King so it means Three Kings (3 Kings).

This game has been in Indonesia for a long time, and is a revolutionary game that started with a chess game that uses pebbles, then a Tarot game that uses Tarot Cards totaling 78 cards.

How to Play 3 Kings Poker

The game allocated for 8 people in 1 table is 3 Kings.

Where at the table must have 1 player who becomes a dealer, provided that the amount of credit the player meets the requirements and criteria for becoming a dealer.

  • The game 3 Kings is actually quite simple and not difficult to play.
  • where the bettor can find out how to calculate the value of the card.
  • to win this game even the game is very easy to learn and understand.

Each daftar idnplay poker99 player will get 3 cards that must be added up and the greater the value of a person in the cards he has, the more likely he is to win the round.

Because using playing cards as a medium Poker139 of course each card has its own and different value, here are the card values ​​in the 3 Kings game:

  • Ace (US) Cards: all Ace Cards have a value of 1.
  • Jack, Queen, King have a value of 10.
  • Cards 2 – 9 have the same value as the numbers listed on the card.

Rules of Play 3 Kings

  • Players : Number of players is 2 or more, but no playtesting is done with more than two players.
  • Deck : 1/2 deck (two complete suits) per player, plus one king or use joker if desired. The idea is to have two kings for each player, plus one extra.
  • How to play: Four cards are dealt to the players face up on the table. The game starts from the dealer’s left in a clockwise order.
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Next players arrange cards to be able to form a set of three cards, one from the hand and two from the table.

two of them increase to the third then remove all three cards from the game and place them in the stack then take additional cards.

If they cannot form the best set, the player can discard one card from the hand by placing it face up on the table.

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Kings cards cannot be used in sets of three or discarded, but can be taken to hand by being matched with other Kings already in hand.

If the player clears the table the cards are face up.
four new cards are dealt and any Kings between them are dealt to the player who vacated the table.

This is an additional card drawn after making a set.
When the player has three Kings in hand, the game Poker139 is over immediately.

How to calculate the winning value

How to calculate the value of the win is very important because as mentioned in how to play, the player who has the largest value then wins.

Here’s how to calculate the Sakong game:

  • Player Q (Bandar) Has Jack Card – 7 – 10. Total Card Value = 7
  • Player D Has a Queen Card – AS – 4. Total Card Value = 5
  • Player E Has a King Card – 10 – 9. Total Card Value = 9

Looking at the example above, it is clear that player E has the highest score because he has cards of King, 10 and 9 with a total value of 9.

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While Player Q who becomes the dealer has a Jack card, 7, 10 with the second highest value, namely winning the value of player D with a Queen, US, 4 card with a total value of 5.

With this order, Player A has the right to withdraw the amount of Player D’s bet and must pay the bet on Player E.

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