How to Play Poker Online for Beginners (NEWBIE MUST READ)

How to Play Poker Online for Beginners (NEWBIE MUST READ)

Surely you are already familiar with Texas Hold’em Poker, a game that you can find on Online Poker Sites. This game is very easy to play, provided you know the rules that apply and how to play it.

Complete Guide to How to Play Poker Online for Beginners

2 Important points in this How to Play Poker article:

  1. Get acquainted with the Game of Poker.
  2. Levels In The Game Of Poker

Overview of the Texas Hold’em Poker Game

Before discussing how to play poker, it would be better if we first got acquainted with this popular card game. Poker is a game that uses playing cards as the main medium. In a set of playing agen aduq cards, there are 52 cards with different symbols and values.

The popularity of the game of Poker increased sharply in the early 2000s, due to the boom of Zynga Poker on the social media Facebook. There are 2 types of cards that you must know, namely:

Community Card (Card to be opened & placed in the center of the table).

Hole Card (Card that will be shared & held by each Poker139 player).

Later, each player is required to form the best 5 card arrangement that comes from a combination of Community Card & Hole Card.

In the Poker game, each Poker139 player gets the opportunity to become a dealer who moves in a clockwise direction. The advantage of being a dealer, each player can walk last on each round of the game.

Any player who is the dealer will have the dealer coin symbol on the game table. The functions of being a poker game dealer are:

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Determine the 2 players to the left who must place a predetermined blind bet

Determine the place of the round of card dealing.

You have heard the word blind not… Blind is installed at the beginning of the game, the player who installs the blind is the player sitting to the left of the dealer. There are 2 types of blinds, namely:

Mandatory Small Blinds are installed by the player sitting to the left of the dealer

The Big Blind must be installed by the player sitting to the left of the player who installed the small blind

The number of blind bets that must be placed varies according to the Daftar Judi Bola Online game table chosen by you. For more details, please see the image below:

Shows a menu of minimum ante options that can be selected

Shows the value of the small blind and big blind

After getting to know in general this poker game, the next information we must know is the combination of poker cards. Often players forget this combination which could be this combination helping the players win when playing.

Poker Card Order

Terms In Online Poker

In the game of poker there are several terms in poker that are often used in the game when making decisions while playing. Please click on the image below, to find out the various terms in the game of Poker.

Levels Game Gambling Poker Online

In this way of playing online poker, there are several stages of the game that will be passed by poker players. For more details, just enter into the discussion.

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#1. Preflop stage

In the preflop stage, 2 players to the left of the dealer place their small blind and big blind bets before the other players will have the opportunity to make a decision whether to Call, Raise, or Fold.

As in the picture above after 2 Poker139 players place a blind bet

#2. Flop level

After all players have made a decision in the preflop stage, the dealer will issue and open 3 cards in the middle of the table (Community Card) which is called the flop stage. The Poker139 players will be able to combine the cards in hand with community cards.

In this stage the player will make the same decision as in the preflop stage before there is only an additional decision that is Check where you will not do anything.

#3. Turn level

After the flop stage the Poker139 players have made a decision, the bets from these players will be collected in the middle of the table and the fourth card will be opened in this stage will have entered the Turn Stage. Just like in the previous stage you will be given again the opportunity to choose whether you want to Check, Call, Raise, or Fold.

#4. River level

After the Poker139 players have made a decision in the turn stage, the dealer will open the fifth community card and you have entered the River Stage. In the river stage, this is the final decision-making stage whether you will Raise, Call, Check, or Fold.

#5. Showdown stage

The last level is the Showdown Level. After the players have made the final decision then all the player cards will be opened and will complain to each other. Whoever has the best card combination is the winner and is entitled to the betting funds accumulated on the table.

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