How to Play Sakong Online to Win Easily

How to Play Sakong Online to Win Easily

Sakong is a fairly new type of game and there are still many gambling bettors who are confused about playing it. The Sakong gambling game was present in 2017 and was quite interesting for players to try to play it. Although the number of fans is still lower than poker and dominoqq, this Sakong game is no less exciting to play.

The origin of this online sakong gambling game comes from China. Judging from the name alone, it is clear that the word Sa means three and Kong means king. The Sakong game means three kings which is a royal game in China. As technology has evolved, this game has become an online gambling bet by the city.

Sakong gambling games can be agen tx poker played online. This online sakong game with real money you can easily find scattered on the internet. All Sakong agents accept deposit systems via banks such as BCA, BRI, BNI, and Mandiri. There are also several Sakong agents who accept deposits via credit or electronic money such as OVO, funds, and others.

Sequence of Cards In Sakong Online Game

The correct way to play Sakong is to know the level of the order of the cards, not just place a bet and then open the card without knowing it. Each card sequence value is the same and applies to all Sakong game tables to get the jackpot. The composition of the Sakong jackpot value can be seen at the top while playing Poker139 as shown below:

Order Jackpot Sakong Cards

For the Sakong super jackpot prize with three aces, it is adjusted to the super jackpot nominal on each table. The amount of the super jackpot prize can be different at each table. The jackpot can be obtained if you have bought a jackpot worth 1 thousand rupiah.

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Sakong Online

Winning is your main goal when playing online gambling, especially online Sakong. To win is not easy but not difficult either. It is enough to apply the right methods and techniques, of course victory will be on your side. Especially for novice players who are just trying, it’s better to understand how to play Poker139 first before starting to bet.

How to play Sakong is also very easy to understand. If you don’t know the trick, here are some tips:

Choose a Trusted Sakong Agent

Choosing a trusted Sakong bookie also affects a player’s chances of winning. This has been proven by several senior players in the Sakong game and has become an open secret. Many argue that playing Poker139 at a trusted Sakong city has a fair game system without cheating and taking sides. So that victory will be very easy to get.

Then the service from the Sakong city also needs to be observed as a standard before registering for Sakong online. In general, an agent will provide 24-hour transaction services and livechat services so that it is easier for players to contact if there is a problem. That way the players can focus more on the game without thinking about anything else.

Play At The Small Table First

In online Sakong bandarq gambling, this method is very reasonable to do first. This method is usually called a wind check or luck check. By entering a small table, the capital you spend is also not much if you just want to try your luck. Just try to enter at a small table, usually a lot of players come in and out and play a few rounds and then leave.


If you feel at that time your card is good, you can switch to a bigger shirt so you can win more. Don’t hang on to a small nominal table if your goal is to win big. This will only waste your time without producing maximum results and is not your goal.

Provide Funds To Buy The Jackpot

Based on the advice of senior Poker139 players who have played in judi slot terbaru the Sakong game for a long time, always try to buy a jackpot on every bet. Allocate a little capital to buy the Sakong jackpot because the jackpot often appears. The jackpot prizes that you can get start from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah.

If you have got the jackpot on a table, it is recommended to move to another table because the prize on the next jackpot will be reset to be very small. In addition, it is also very rare for the jackpot to reappear at the same table in the same time frame. Entering a table with a big jackpot prize, that’s a sign that no one has gotten the jackpot on that table.

Concentrate on Playing and Use Feeling

Concentration when you have started Poker139 playing online Sakong bandarq gambling is one of the right ways to do it. Actually, it’s not just the Sakong game, this applies to all types of games. Focus on playing so you can read the plot and use feeling in every game.

Using the right feeling can guess the value of your next card. You can play Poker139 any bet value as you wish. If you have hockey, usually guesses from your feelings are very rarely wrong.

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That’s how to play Poker139 Sakong to win easily. By following the directions above, you can make your chances of winning even bigger. Be wise in applying the tricks above to maximize victory.


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