How to Win Playing Ceme Online

How to Win Playing Ceme Online

We certainly really hope to get a win in playing online gambling and how to win ceme online.

On this occasion, Poker139 will give tips to win in the game of ceme poker online.

Here Poker139 will give a little How to win ceme online

1.Set Winning Goals Sasaran

So that makes us able to measure how much we can win a game in 1 day is by the way By setting a target of our victory in the game Ceme Online.

Ceme 99 is a trusted online ceme gambling and also reduces the possibility of us wanting to win a lot in playing, because if we are eager, it will actually lead us to a big defeat.

2. Prepare Sufficient Capital

In the Ceme Online game, it is best to prepare enough capital, this can also be used by you if you hope to play as a City in the Ceme Online game.

How to win online ceme Prepare enough capital to be able to play daftar idn poker as a dealer. You can also prepare a large enough capital to play as a player.

3. Choose a table and chairs that are lucky

Try to observe the running of the game in progress at 1 table, and see which seats are lucky on that day.

Maybe your luck will increase by grabbing a city seat.

4. Playing Patiently.

In playing, don’t be in a hurry to place big bets, try placing the smallest most important bet first.

Also pay attention to the cards obtained by the dealer if you play as a player.

If the dealer in the Ceme99 game has won 2 times in a row, our recommendation is to try a trusted ceme gambling to place a bet 2x more than before.

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because it could be that in the next game the dealer’s card is smaller than yours.

And if the dealer loses 2x in a row from you, ceme 99 online then don’t try to add a bet, because the dealer’s card may be bigger than yours.

5. Try Migrating Chairs or Tables

If in the game you don’t get lucky and you lose more often, try to move to another chair or you can also move to another table.

Who knows with that your luck will also be different at other tables.


In playing, you should always concentrate and focus on the game. Avoid things that can distract you.

TV figure that is on, ceme 99 online Mobile close to you, watching videos, or reading screens or stories.

What are you waiting for, please register your ID at Poker139, a trusted online gambling site.


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