How to Win Playing IDN Poker Super Ten

How to Win Playing IDN Poker Super Ten

Poker139 will give some tips on how to play super ten – Super Ten is one of the 7 games that can be played on the trusted Poker139 agent site. This game is also a game that was just released by “IDN POKER”.

This game actually tends to have similarities with the game “SAKONG/SAMGONG” which was already popular compared to the Super Ten game.

This card game uses playing cards where each player in this game will be dealt 3 cards each. at the beginning of the game which will be competed with other players’ cards.

The most striking difference between these two games is that in the online Sakong daftar idnpoker game the opponent of each player is the “dealer”.

So in the Super Ten game or also known as Super 10, the opponent is another player. As for the ways and rules of the two games, they are the same.

Each player who gets a card with a value of 10 or closest to 10 will win the game.

For those who don’t know how to play Super Ten, you can read the article on How to Play Super Ten, which we have prepared for beginners.

The card with the highest value in this game is the “J, Q and K” card or also known as the “Three Picture” card.

To have a “three picture” card, players don’t have to have all the cards at once.
if you have 2 J cards and one Q then all three cards are included in the “three picture” card.

The lowest card value in this game is the Ace card which has a value of 1.

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Although it looks easy but to win this game is not as easy as it seems. It takes certain tricks to win this game.

Here Poker139 will give Tricks How to Win Playing Super Ten


If you have tried to play this game, you are advised to immediately do “ALL IN” if your first 2 cards are J, Q or K.

Because in this game if your first 2 cards are the three cards you already hold a 90% win percentage.

So don’t hesitate to do ALL IN when victory is in front of your eyes.


Before you go in and play this Super Ten, first choose the table where you play.

Try to choose a table that is still empty or there are only 1 or 2 players in it, try to avoid a table that is almost full.

Thus, at a quiet game table, your opponents will automatically be less than playing at a table full of players.

where the competition will be very tight and the chances of winning will automatically be smaller.


This point is one of the most important points, where your intention is to play at a small table first as a test of luck.

Play about 10 rounds first at a small betting table and if your winning percentage is at number 8: 2, then that means your luck is good and you are ready to play on a bigger betting table.


You should know this strategy, because this technique will be very useful when you have cards that are not very good.

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This technique is a technique of manipulating the opponent’s view of the cards we have by “raise” (raising the amount of bets) as high as possible and if necessary doing ALL IN when the cards you have are not too good.

The thing that might happen is that the opponent will FOLD (surrender/not follow the bet) that you place or CALL (follow the bet) that you place.

and if the opponent follows the challenge you give it means 60%. chances are he does have a good hand and 40% he bluffs you back.

The role of feeling is very decisive in the use of this strategy. For more details, we have prepared an explanation of the Bluffing Technique for Winning Poker Gambling


Set a certain nominal as your target, and if you have won and reach that target stop playing right away.

This is to avoid the common occurrence of greedy gamblers where the large amounts of funds they have won are finally eroded by defeat.

Of course we all know that in the world of gambling, both online and on land, there is no single player who can win continuously in gambling and also there is not a single player who loses continuously in gambling.

For that stop when you have reached the winning target you set.

Those are some tips from us that you really deserve to try to increase your chances of winning.

The tips above are not mere compositions but tips that I have summarized based on the experience of playing from my sources. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD LUCK!!

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