How to Win Playing Poker at IDN Poker Can Be a Young Millionaire

How to Win Playing Poker at IDN Poker Can Be a Young Millionaire

Since the millennium era, almost all activities in this world have been carried out through online media, including poker games which were once very difficult to play.

So do not be surprised if many poker sites dominate the gambling market in Indonesia. This can not be separated from the role of poker games that generate large amounts of money.

Moreover, many young millionaires are born from online poker games not only in Indonesia but the world as well. Even so, they do not immediately become millionaires, but through a path that is not easy.

How to Win Playing Poker at IDN Poker Can Be a Young Millionaire

However, in 2019 it’s actually very easy to become a young millionaire, that is, you know how to play and carefully choose the right site. Only those two are easy, right?

Now specifically for all of my friends, I have a method that you can use to win online poker games that can only be done on the ID PRO Poker139 site.

Here’s how to win playing dominoqq online poker on the best ID PRO Poker139 site that you can try:

Use the Bluffing Technique

The bluffing technique is a technique of bluffing your opponent by raising a fairly large amount, so that opponents with mediocre cards will fold.

So whatever card you hold, you can use this technique, but this technique is the most risky.

Use the Semi Bluffing Technique

The semi bluffing technique is basically the same as the previous technique, but usually this technique is done when the cards in your hand are good. With this good card, bluff the opponent with a higher bet.

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Gunakan Teknik Slow Playing

Slow Playing is a technique to trick your opponent, where your opponent thinks that the card you hold is bad. Using this technique requires a lot of patience.

To use this technique make sure you have a strong card in your hand during the 4th round. But don’t go all-in right away, try to follow the flow without increasing your bet so that your opponent thinks you have a mediocre card.

Usually the opponent will increase the value of the bet, then in the last round you can go All-In. Guaranteed you will definitely win more by using this technique.

Playing at ID PRO Poker139 is more profitable

ID PRO Poker139

With the methods above, your internet cafe can become a young millionaire. However, to be able to use this technique, you must first register at ID PRO Poker139 with the most economical minimum deposit of 10 thousand rupiah.

ID PRO Poker139 is an online poker site that has collaborated with IDN Poker since 2013. In fact, this site is so popular that it already has hundreds of thousands of active players every day.

From what I’ve read in previous articles, it’s the bonuses that make them young millionaires.

bonus idn poker online ID PRO Poker139

Since its inception until now, ID PRO Poker139 has always consistently provided the bonuses offered. Of course these bonuses are not just ‘lure’.

The bonus provided by ID PRO Poker139 also does not have complicated conditions so it is very easy for players to immediately enjoy the bonus.

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If you don’t understand something, please contact customer service in the form of live chat, which can be chatted at any time, aka 24 hours non-stop.


But on this occasion I want to tell you about the Jackpot, because this bonus is the one that most launches your intention to become a millionaire.

The Jackpot bonus system found in ID PRO Poker139 is the first system in Indonesia, where you can buy packages for 100, 500, 1000, and 2000 rupiah.

Jackpot packages that you can buy include:

  • Full House
  • Four of Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush
  • Super Royal Flush

I think that’s the article I made for all of you. Hopefully it’s useful. Thank you.

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