Instructions on how to play poker online at Poker139 dealers

Instructions on how to play poker online at Poker139 dealers

As technology continues to develop, playing online casinos is no longer difficult for gambling lovers, lots of interesting online card games have been launched to help players, the best experience can be obtained. Poker is indispensable. Online poker is an exciting, thrilling and tactical game that attracts many players and wants to learn.

Are you a beginner learning how to play situs judi qq Poker at the Poker139 dealer? You are wondering about how to bet here. Let’s learn how to play Poker at the Poker139 casino below to be able to immediately join in this exciting game.

Instructions on how to play poker online at Poker139 dealers

How to play Poker at Poker139: Follow 2 steps

Step 1: Enter the website and select the Poker game

To play Poker at the Poker139 dealer, you must login to Poker139 via the link to Poker139 below.

How to handle online poker

Dealer deal. The first time the dealer will deal 2 cards to each person (these cards are reversed). Next 3 cards, next 1 card, 1 last card, 5 cards total. So each bet has 4 players dealing a hand with a total of 7 cards (2 cards first for each person, next 5 cards dealt).

Step 2: Place a bet

Bet on the first 2 cards separately

It was the two people sitting to the left of the Dealer. The first person must bet a certain amount, the second person must double the first bet. Currently, the dealer has not dealt any cards.

After the first 2 players place a bet, the Dealer will deal 2 cards to each player to start the first betting round.

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In this betting round you will have the following options:

  • Old: Discard cards if there are bad cards in the hand.
  • Bet: Bet when no one is betting and you are the first
  • Raise: After someone makes a bet, you want to place a agen resmi sbobet higher bet, the action is called Raise.
  • Call: When several people have previously placed a bet, you want to follow the bet. The action is called a Call.
  • Check: When no one has placed a bet, you can check so you can’t overpay and can still follow the cards.
  • In turn, the bet amount goes clockwise, from session to session one continues to another.

Round deals the next 3 cards

These are the 3 common cards that everyone can see. Anyone can use these 3 cards in combination with their first 2 cards to make 5 card Poker.

Depending on how the player Poker139 plays, you can check, bet, call, raise during the second betting round.

Continue to deal the 4th and 5th combined cards. After the betting round is over, players will combine 5 cards and 2 cards in hand to get the strongest card. At this point, win or lose will be decided.

The largest group of cards when combining 2 cards in a hand and 5 common cards in online poker games:

  • Barrel breaker box: There is 1 homogeneous hall 10, J, Q, K, A apart from diamonds, muscles, spades and dragonflies.
  • Straight line: There are straight or flat or spades or lines with 5 consecutive cards, for example: 2,3,4, 5, 6
  • Four quarters: In the hand, there is a set of four quarters
  • Cu Bu: Includes 1 set of 3 leaves and 1 set 2 pairs
  • Match: There are 5 cards of any
  • suit Straight: Consists of 1 set of 5 consecutive cards of any suit
  • Three cards: There are 3 cards of the same card 2 pairs: Contains 2 pairs 1 pair: There is 1 pair
  • High Card: Who has has the biggest card the person wins if there is no double card.
  • Conclude
  • Above is a guide to online gambling for real money at Poker139. The content is mainly intended for newly registered members, so you can get complete information when playing Poker at Poker139.
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If you want to play, you can refer to the instructions on how to play Poker139 poker online. If you still don’t understand anything, you can contact the online chat for help. If you want to be a good poker player, you should refer to articles on strategies and methods. Good luck!


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