Offline / Online Bank Schedule in Indonesia

Offline / Online Bank Schedule in Indonesia

Offline / Online Bank Schedule in Indonesia-Along with the development of the world of technology and the internet, it makes all human activities easier. This development was also followed in the banking sector. In Indonesia, there are more than 265 million people, of course, the types of banks available are also very diverse. Starting from domestic banks to foreign banks mushroomed everywhere throughout Indonesia.

For online poker agen superten players, of course, they already have a recommendation for the best online poker site pkv games to bet on. On the site where you bet, of course, there are several types of banks for transactions, but not all types of banks are online 24 hours. So that the transaction process is not hampered, of course you must know the offline bank schedule and online bank schedule. Here are 6 types of banks that are most widely used by online poker sites in Indonesia:

Bank BCA

  • Bank bca offline schedule
  • Hours BCA Offline / Online
  • Monday – Friday : Bank BCA offline starting from 21.00 WIB – 00.15 WIB
  • Saturday : Bank BCA offline longer at 12.00 WIB – 05.00 WIB
  • Sunday : Bank BCA will be online 24 Hours
  • Sometimes some BCA maintenance

Mandiri Bank

  • Mandiri bank offline schedule
  • Hours MANDIRI Offline / Online
  • Monday – Friday : 23.00 WIB – 03.30 WIB
  • Saturday – Sunday : 22.00 WIB – 04.00 WIB

Bank BRI

  • BRI bank offline
  • schedule BRI Offline / Online schedule
  • Monday – Sunday: 10.00 WIB – 03.00 WIB

Bank BNI

  • Bni bank offline Schedule
  • Schedule BNI Offline / Online
  • Monday – Friday: 24 Hours Online (Unless interference / maintenance)
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  • Danamon bank offline schedule DANAMON Offline / Online schedule
  • Monday – Friday: 24 Hours Online (Except for interruptions / maintenance)


  • CIMB Niaga bank offline schedule CIMB NIAGA schedule sbobetasia login Offline / Online
  • Monday – Sunday : 23.00 WIB – 02.30 WIB

The list of banks above is the type of bank most used by online poker players. Make sure to schedule an offline bank before you make a deposit so that there are no misunderstandings.

For those of you who have already deposited funds during offline bank hours, your funds can still be processed when the bank is back online. But usually on some sites your funds will still be processed if you have proof of transfer. Please try to contact the cs party on the online poker site you are betting on to confirm.

If you have not deposited funds but really want to play, try to contact the cs party from livechat. Usually the cs will advise you to transfer between banks in making a deposit. Of course you will be charged a fee of Rp. 6,500 in 1x transaction process. To speed up the deposit process, you are required to transfer using an ATM machine, if you use internet banking or mobile banking sometimes your funds will be pending by the bank.

Don’t forget to save the proof of transfer and use a unique nominal, for example a unique nominal of Rp. 100,678. Because if you use a unique nominal, your funds will be processed immediately without having to send proof of transfer again.

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