Poker139 Media Tournament Tempting For Poker Lovers

Poker139 Media Tournament Tempting For Poker Lovers

Good news for poker game lovers. Now comes the best and most trusted poker site and application called Poker139. Unique name in accordance with available features, dispels visitors to be curious about the contents of the stall. It turned out to contain a variety of tantalizing poker games. Moreover, with the additional promotional features in it, it makes prospective members and active members more excited.

Awesome Poker139 Tournament Program

Bet Poker139 offers tempting promotional features. Not only in the form of weekly turnover bonuses, free spins, referral bonuses, additional bonuses, mystery boxes only. The tournament program was also presented. Some of these additions provide a golden opportunity for judi poker online terpercaya players to earn rupiah in various ways. Especially for the type of poker game, tournament features can be tried by fulfilling the following requirements:

Please register directly to this lapak site without any additional costs. After that, players immediately play online poker and get ready to win prizes of hundreds of millions of rupiah.

When playing poker don’t forget to use the buy-in method. The value is already on the side of the tournament schedule. So players don’t need to be confused anymore to determine the right value.

The most important thing is that tournament registration is allowed only for a period of 2 hours before the start of the event.

Participants who can take part in this tournament are free. Can be from a group of beginners or professionals. As long as you have high mental courage. You can play Poker139 calmly full of logical thinking. Whoever the competitor is, it doesn’t matter. You can also reach rupiah coffers that were previously unimaginable

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Join the Poker Tournament to Get an Additional Bonus of 50% of the Winning Value

Poker139 has another tournament feature that is ready to bring Poker139 players to fight for it. When you win the game. Double prize earned. That is, it comes from the actual winning value plus a 50% bonus. The calculation of the bonus is derived from the total value won. So Daftar Judi Online Bola that it runs smoothly. You can follow an easy way like this: Choose the type of poker that is included in this prestigious tournament. The tournament category is divided into three, namely 5 million, 10 million and 20 million.

Only those with the correct account when registering are entitled to participate in this event. Bonuses are generally given in the form of chips, which are accumulated directly in your credit balance. It’s an easy way but absolute certainty applies. If the participant commits fraud in any form.

The final result of the jury is inviolable. The important thing is that when you join this program, you have to be calm and not get carried away by emotions for a moment because you want to win quickly. It can affect the way you play Poker139 and think. Millions of money that should have been received even lost the golden opportunity. Behind it all, online poker stalls make it easy to achieve dreams. Please join directly with them. Everything is guaranteed safe, quiet, money flows smoothly. This poker site team is very reliable, so it deserves the nickname the best site and application.

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