Santiago Bernabeu Interesting Facts Real Madrid Home

Santiago Bernabeu Interesting Facts Real Madrid Home

As one of the best clubs in the world maybe even in the history of football, Real Madrid clearly has a huge fan base all over the world. They are Real Madrid fans, not a few who always try to watch their favorite team compete at the Santiago Bernabeu, the headquarters of the club’s pride. Talking about the Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium, which is located in the City Center of Madrid, has indeed been one of the pride of the Spanish La Liga giants for more than a century.

This Real Madrid home also has luxurious facilities ranging from the changing rooms to the places where journalists cover the vvip stands. The luxury of the Santiago Bernabeu can not only be seen on the outside, on the interior it also looks very luxurious.

Inside the Santiago Bernabeu there is also a secret room, where there are lots of luxury cars neatly parked and accompanied by a super tight security system from the security team agen bola resmi. The secret parking lot is where the club officials sell their luxury vehicles.

A Brief History of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

At the start, Real Madrid did not immediately have an official stadium, they only used the Bullfighting field in the area nearby as their home ground. After seeing the increasing enthusiasm of the audience, the club finally decided to renovate the field, installing a guardrail between the field and the stands that could accommodate up to 6000 people, this field was named O’Donell Field. Unfortunately, the field did not last long, a few years later, this stadium became ‘victim of eviction’.

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In 1924, Real Madrid finally had a ‘decent’ field or stadium, where a stadium that could accommodate up to 15,000 spectators was named Estadio de Chamartin. In 1943, the President of Real Madrid decided to build a new stadium, with a more modern concept, complete facilities and so on, the stadium we now know as the Santiago Bernabeu.

Some Interesting Facts About Santiago Bernabeu

The following are some interesting facts about the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu that few people know about.

  • So the venue for the 4 big finals

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu with all the splendor and facilities it offers, makes many parties want to hold matches there. Evidently, so far the Santiago Bernabeu has hosted five major finals, including the European Champions League Final, European Cup Final, World Cup Final and Copa Libertadores Final.

  • Stadium Capacity

Since it was first built, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has undergone several expansion of the Tribune, but the peak of the largest number of stands at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium occurred in 1953, with a stadium stand capable of accommodating up to 120,000 Spectators! Meanwhile, at this time, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium can accommodate up to approximately 81,000 spectators.

  • Stadium Naming

As we said in the historical section of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, initially this stadium carried a different name, Estadio de Chamartin, because it is located in the Chamartin Complex. In the end, in 1955, the club agreed to change the name of this stadium to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, where the Santiago Bernabeu itself is the name of a club legend who was successful as a player, coach and also successful when he served as club president. This planting was done as a tribute to the legend, and has never changed until now.

  • Stadium Renovation Plans
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Despite several major renovations to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid still has plans to resume renovations. Initially the plan would be realized in 2017 yesterday, but due to several considerations, it was finally delayed, and the plan will be carried out starting in mid-2019. It is not known whether there will be a change in the number of spectators, or a change in the stadium name, it is likely that the stadium name change will depend on the agreement with the sponsor. What is clear, this renovation is targeted to be completed in the next three years.

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