Sharing Experiences of Winning and Losing Online Football Gambling

Sharing Experiences of Winning and Losing Online Football Gambling

Finally, I also made this site which aims to discuss soccer gambling. Since this is my first post on this website, I want to share my experience playing soccer gambling from the results of using the boarding money transferred by my parents. Indeed, at first it was a reckless capital because if you lost there was a possibility that you could be kicked out of the boarding house, fortunately I had a good friend who was taught to win.

Experience Playing Online Football Gambling

Now, if you want soccer gambling, it’s getting easier because there are already many soccer gambling agent sites. Many students (including myself) are trapped into the world of online gambling because they are tempted by the lure of large profits if they win so they can buy the things they want without having to work.

I have been in the world of soccer gambling for years because I don’t have a job and don’t have time to look for work because of my busy college hours.

One day, while playing at the boarding house of my classmate named Iwan situs agen bola, I saw the contents of his boarding house filled with a collection of toys that cost millions . When I calculated the total price of the toys there, it turned out that the total price of all the toys was used to buy a car. I also asked my friend, “How come you have such an expensive toy collection? Since we are close friends, he finally opened the secret of how to get money quickly, namely by joining online soccer gambling.

Tempted by the results of a friend’s gambling, I finally asked to be taught how to join the business. My friend immediately took out his expensive laptop which he also bought from online gambling. I thought he took out the laptop just to show off, in fact he immediately picked me a trusted gambling agent and immediately explained the basics until I understood.

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At first I was only taught how to gamble using my friend’s account on his laptop, then after I understood it I asked a friend for help to register and immediately made a small deposit because the initial intention was just for fun. With the experience of my friend who is very good at soccer gambling, the results of my first bet won a lot. After that, I was immediately released to start gambling on my own without his help.

Day after day I try to gamble myself, it turns out that online soccer betting is HARD if you don’t have the knowledge. The results of my first bet winning run out immediately because I placed a bet without the ability to play gambling

Because of that defeat, my allowance for one week just disappeared. Finally, I stopped participating in soccer gambling because I felt that I had given up on sacrificing my pocket money for nothing.

The month has changed, transfers of pocket money and money to pay for boarding houses from parents have also entered. Seeing that there was money in my account, I immediately remembered the gambling that took my money last week. Intrigued and wanted to try again, I finally put off paying the boarding money and I used the money to deposit back to the soccer gambling agent . After completing the deposit, it turned out that at night the boarding house mother came to the room to collect the boarding money. I was confused because the money was gone because it was used for deposits. Finally, I asked for up to 3 days to pay the rent for the room.

The next day I told my friend about the deposit I made using the boarding fee. My friend scolded me and immediately took me to his boarding room to bet using my account that had been deposited. It turned out that the results of the bet he placed were lucky, I won gambling up to four times my deposit. After winning, I immediately withdrew my balance to pay for boarding money and for pocket money.

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When there was a match between giant clubs against stupid clubs, I thought about trying to place a bet on holding the big club. With confidence because I was sure of winning, I immediately placed a big bet and was sure I would win. The result of the match won but I lost, finally the next day I asked my friend why I could lose. It turned out that I was wrong, I forgot that in soccer betting there was a Voor that I didn’t understand. After this incident I started to be careful about placing online soccer gambling bets.

1 million money means a lot to me, that’s why I am always careful in online soccer betting. Maybe there are many sultans out there who think the 1 million bet is only a small bet, but it’s different from students who don’t have a job like me. Starting from fadly depositing 1 million and winning 4 million bets, I finally got more addicted and activated this online soccer gambling.

The joys and sorrows I have been through in soccer gambling until now. Never won big up to hundreds of millions and have also lost so badly that you have to be willing to eat rice with soy sauce because you want to save money so you can deposit with a soccer gambling agent.

It was my experience in the world of football. Not always win, but with a little caution in betting now I often win compared to when I first entered the world of soccer gambling. How about your experience?

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