Some of the Biggest Jackpots On Online Slot Machines

Some of the Biggest Jackpots On Online Slot Machines

Online Slot Jackpot – Have you ever been curious about the biggest payoff ever issued by an online slot machine?

Of course, the amount that has been produced by a slot machine is not half-hearted, right?

Maybe you’ve ever got an Online Slot Jackpot. But there are still many people who get a very large jackpot.

For that, let’s discuss together, who are the people who have gotten the jockpot.

But let’s talk about what a slot machine and its jackpot are.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are a very profitable game, it is a game that relies on your luck.

For those of you who have high enough luck you can try to play agen nova88 this game.

This game began in the late 18th century, created by a German-born man who settled in San Francisco.

This game is also a game that is very favored by gamblers.

Because this is a very simple game and very exciting to play Fontana99.

This game has also been recorded in the world record books as the game that gives the biggest victory.

The game created by Charles Fey is a very popular game, even until now.


This game is a game that gives prizes in the form of cigars or candy at the beginning of its manufacture.

However, with the increasing demand for prizes in the form of cash, the request was granted so that the players did not leave the machine.

With the inclusion of this game as a gambling game, gradually this game began to be banned by the government, including Indonesia.

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After this game is banned a lot, then of course the fans of this game feel surprised.

And until finally these players also developed this game at the online stage.

Where this game Fontana99 can be accessed easily and can be played anywhere without fear of being caught.

All sites that provide this game make very tight security so they are not easily hacked or broken.

For those of you who just want to try to play Fontana99, you can open a trusted site on Google or other search engines.

Of course there will be many that appear on the search page.


Jackpot itself is the biggest prize in this online slot machine game.

Jackpot is a word where if the player gets the jackpot logo successively and sequentially.

You can get the jackpot by playing and placing a fairly small bet and getting the jackpot.

However, believe me the jackpot in this game is something that is quite difficult to get.

Some of
the Biggest Jackpots Ever Recorded You must have been curious promo slot online , right there are names of anyone who has ever got this biggest jackpot.

Let’s go straight to the list of people who have won this jackpot prize.

This list is a combination of online slot gambling winners and offline slots. Just get on the list.

This 40-year-old man managed to win the biggest jackpot of all time to date.

On January 20, 2013, he managed to get a jackpot whose value was almost 24 million dollars. With a capital of 25 cents and it only takes 30 minutes.


It was able to pull out a jackpot of 17.8 million euros or the equivalent of 229,181,764,000 rupiah.


Jon Heywood is a man born in England who managed to record his name in the world record book.

Jon got a jackpot from playing online slot machine gambling for €17,879,645 (£13,209,300,$20,062,600) Or if it was converted at that time it was equivalent to 264,364,880,200 rupiah.

Can you imagine that much money can be obtained just by playing slot machine gambling?

In addition to getting the jackpot from the machine, Jon also managed to record his name in the world record book in 2015.

Georgios .M

Georgios .M is a business entrepreneur from Greece who managed to register his name by getting a jackpot in 2009.

This 36-year-old man managed to get a jackpot of $8,014,514.93.

He only spent $ 5 only, and managed to get a very large jackpot at that time.

The jackpot was successfully issued by him on May 9, 2009, which was located in the United Kingdom / UK.

A woman

You never know where you will get lucky. A woman who won 7.6 million euros at the time at Unibet Online Casino.

He also became rich in November 2012, when the slot game Hall of Gods gave him the opportunity to repay all loans and even buy a new car as he said.

Such a gift would be the largest payout in the institution’s history.

Those are some of the jackpot winners in the biggest slot gambling games of all time.

Can you get it too? we never know about it. You can immediately find out by opening an online slot gambling site.

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Maybe you can compete in that game. We also never know about your luck.

It could be at the same time is your lucky day.


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