Special Rules For Coaches In The Premier League

Special Rules For Coaches In The Premier League

Even though it is only a game, football also in fact has many rules in it, especially in professional matches that involve FIFA as the parent of football associations around the world. When the match has carried an official or professional level, every element involved in it must follow any rules that have been shaped in such a way by FIFA. Sometimes, every association in FIFA member countries also has additional rules, which are even for players, referees or coaches.

Not only players, coaches and referees must obey the rules

Given that the number of football players on the field dominates, it is only natural that more rules are made for these players. But as we said before, not only players must obey the applicable rules, the coaches as well as the referees involved in the match also have rules that must be obeyed to keep conditions and situations in order until the game ends. Each association actually has additional rules for all elements in the match, including the coach.

One of the coaches who must be aware of every rule in the Premier League is Jose Mourinho. The former Manchester United coach often gets a warning from the FA for his actions on the sidelines. The way to train Mourinho through the sidelines is actually not bad, it’s just that he is often influenced by a luxurious lifestyle off the pitch.

It is not uncommon for Mourinho to spend a lot of money partying at a nightclub. Apart from that, Mourinho is also known as a coach with a taste for luxury car collections. There have been many luxury cars lined up in the garage, starting from the Lykan Hypersport, the American Ferrari F60, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, the Aston Martin One-77 and many more. The row of luxury cars that Mouinho owns is currently estimated to reach 8 vehicles.

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Special Rules For Coaches in the Premier League

The existence of a coach in a football match is mandatory, and usually they will supervise or control the team’s performance by standing in their respective technical areas on the side of the field. Usually when there is a referee’s decision that is deemed to be detrimental to his care team, usually a coach protests by shouting. This is still considered normal, but when the protests are carried out in an excessive manner, until they leave the technical area and enter the field, the referee will give a yellow card to a red card to the coach which makes them have to watch his team play in the stands.

But there are new rules applied by the FA as the English Football bandar sbobet Federation for competitions in England, whether it’s the English Premier League, the League Cup, the FA Cup and others. A referee will not receive a yellow or red card from the referee when committing a written foul, but will receive a direct verbal warning.

An offense that will result in one warning is speaking harshly or being inappropriate to match officials. Then the coach will also again get a warning when he is caught kicking something, whether a drink bottle, and other objects that refer to their protest action against the referee’s performance. So, what is the punishment given to the trainer when he finds these warnings?

As reported by the FA’s official website, the coach, who has collected four warnings, can practically not accompany their team in one match, while those who receive eight warnings cannot accompany his team in two matches. Then, if you have collected 12 warnings, a coach is not allowed to attend the match three times. On top of that number, such as 16 warnings and so on, the FA will hand over the competent authority to impose appropriate sanctions on the coach.


Well, so far no coach has received 16 warnings in the Premier League, but this does not rule out the possibility of this happening in the future, so the FA has issued this rule since 2018 yesterday.

There are also fouls which can result in the referee being sent off immediately from the technical area or from the field, in other words getting a red card, when the foul they committed is classified as serious or frontal. For example, a fight involving Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho a few years ago, when Chelsea faced Arsenal.

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