Why is the SBOBET Online Casino and Football Betting Website So Popular in Indonesia

Why is the SBOBET Online Casino and Football Betting Website So Popular in Indonesia

If asked the average soccer gambling player and also their online casino, where do they play soccer betting or online casino, the answer is definitely on the SBOBET site. The SBOBET brand is very thick and attached to the minds of gambling players in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Why can this online gambling betting brand be so strong in the eyes of Indonesian gambling players, let’s discuss one by one. But first we have to know who SBOBET is and how it can enter Indonesia.

The establishment of SBOBET

The SBOBET company was founded in 2004 by a Malaysian citizen of Chinese ethnicity. Until now, the real name of the SBOBET owner is unknown because it has never been published.

Initially established, this company is still a cat and mouse because it does not have an official permit from the government of a country. It was only after opening an office in the Philippines that SBOBET obtained a license from the Philippine government under the supervision of First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to be able to operate and sell its products in Asia. Over time, SBOBET began to open an office and received permission from the Isle of Man government which made SBOBET can operate and enter the European market as well as sponsorship of football teams in Europe. This is what makes SBOBET very popular, will be discussed below regarding SBOBET sponsorship.

Entering Indonesia

When you first enter Indonesia, SBOBET is just a site that offers online sportsbook betting only. Entering Indonesia in 2006, actually in the same year IBCBET, which changed its name to Maxbet, first entered Indonesia and more people play on this site.

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At the beginning of SBOBET’s entry into Indonesia, SBOBET recruited land ports to become partners in expanding its wings in Indonesia by dividing the level for each city. At that time, internet technology was developing rapidly and also in Indonesia at that time there was no online betting site vacancy due to the closure of one of the online gambling betting sites in Indonesia, making land bookies begin to switch to the online world and sell products from SBOBET. .

SBOBET and IBCBET compete fiercely in winning the hearts of gambling  Daftar Agen Bola Terbaik players from Indonesia. It was only then that SBOBET slowly started adding several other sports bets such as basketball, tennis, badminton, to horse racing and car racing. It is here that SBOBET begins to dominate the market in Indonesia, but it is not significant. IBCBET is still looming behind SBOBET.

The best and fastest market prices.

Along with developments, SBOBET provides services and a completely new online soccer gambling betting experience in the eyes of gambling players in the archipelago. Players are presented with lower market prices and these prices are very fast in the sense that long before the game starts, SBOBET has opened the market so that players whether they just come for recreation or professional gambling players can place their bets as early as possible.

With the creation of a better and faster market price, SBOBET has succeeded in embracing and attracting players as mentioned above, namely professional players and gamblers who come only for recreation. The development and growth of SBOBET in Indonesia has increased rapidly making it more preferred by gambling players who play soccer betting in Indonesia.


Meanwhile, when there is a moment of a match such as the world cup, SBOBET is the first site in Indonesia to add new types of football bets that only appear when there is a world cup or European cup such as betting games guess who kicks off first to the number of red cards or red cards. yellow.

Security Issues

Security issues in betting online gambling have become an important issue that has occurred in Indonesia, SBOBET sees this as a very important issue. As soon as possible SBOBET fixes these problems. Understandably, at that time, lots of accounts from players and agents were hacked, causing players and agents to experience losses and headaches.

SBOBET immediately created a new technology for security where passwords or password certificates are required to have a complex combination that contains uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and has a minimum number of 6 digits of characters. This applies to members and agents.

In addition, for better security for players, there is a nickname column that players can fill in. The purpose of giving the nickname column is so that once the players play online gambling, it is not known from which agent he is playing and to avoid hackers who pretend to be players from being able to find out the real accounts of the members and make it easier for members to remember their accounts. This also applies to the level of SBOBET agents.


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