Wise Tips for Playing Online Games

Wise Tips for Playing Online Games

Wise Tips for Playing Online Games – Enjoy playing online games? To relieve fatigue due to work or school, it doesn’t feel wrong to play games sometimes. Playing online games or gambling online poker will definitely be a problem if the interlude work is carried out intensively too often and interferes with your needs.

Therefore, you must remember that it is only a distraction and be wise in playing agen dewa poker 99. There are many things that are important for you to look at when playing games.

Well, to get good effects in an optimal way and minimize the bad effects of playing games, you should read the guidelines and tricks submitted by readers below:

Watch When Playing Games

If you have enjoyed playing games, people usually forget the time to stop and do other useful work. At first playing Poker139 the game set a time of about an hour or two. If necessary, set an alarm clock to know the time limit.

Playing games over time can have a bad effect on our bodies, because a brain that is fully focused on games will underestimate important work or body needs such as eating, drinking, worship, bathing, sleeping, resting, exercising, socializing, and others. Sometimes people just realize after playing the game feel dizzy.

Don’t Play Endless Games

Try, choose games that don’t make us addicted to play them for months and years and spend several hours of the day playing them to produce good games.

Of course this will limit us from knowing other new games, make us curious, and sometimes we can feel embarrassed if the position of the game account that we play has low results compared to other gamers. It is better if we use the available time for other work.

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Avoid Difficult Games That Provoke Emotions Difficult

games sometimes make us irritated and in the end emotions and anger are not clear. Squeezing and joysticks can also be targets if they are mad and can be slammed, beaten, stepped on, and various other cruel acts.

Not only console machines or PC/laptop computers are damaged. Hands, feet and body can also hurt if you do violence to hard and solid inanimate objects. Stop playing the game when you are emotional and immediately watch TV to contain your anger.

Play Brain Sharpening Games

There are several games that can increase the thinking power of our brain such as Agen Sbobet Terpercaya puzzle games, problem games, memory games, tactics games, and others. There are also funny games that can entertain us when playing them.

Analyze the games you play, what can have a positive effect and can provide a distraction or power of thought. If you don’t give anything, it means the game is just wasting your time.

Invite Others to Play Together
Playing games together is better than playing alone. By inviting friends, family, neighbors, girlfriends, and others to play games, we will strengthen our relationship with someone. Of course, when the game is played, it is suitable to be played together and does not create emotions.

Playing the game alone will eliminate our social spirit and can reduce the number of our friends over time. Friends acquaintances from playing online games are not real friends because that person may be lying to us. Real-life partners are increasingly more valuable than virtual partners.

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Don’t Play Gambling
Games that include money bets in them can be called gambling. Nowadays, the game is in the form of electronic games such as skilled ball, card gambling, coin games, and other games that can be played online and freely spread on the internet.

Gambling can make us poor all of a sudden. Online gambling, for example, is all set. The city never loses because the scheme has decided how much the city gains. It all hurts us. Because, except for sin, gambling can also make us forget time, forget family, and of course, forget God.

Don’t Waste Money
Love your money and it should be saved for tomorrow’s provisions and to be safe when you don’t have money. Calculate all expenses from gaming, such as transportation costs, electricity, internet connection, food, drinks, paying rent, and so on.

Calculate the value of the time you waste playing the game if that time you spend on fruitful work.

Ada orang yang menyukai main game untuk memburu hadiah ticket/coupon untuk ditukar dengan hadiah yang nilainya semakin lebih rendah dari uang yang sudah kita mengeluarkan untuk main game. Kalkulasi penghematan periode panjang yang bisa dilakukan bila semua uang itu Anda mengumpulkan.

Jangan Main Game Bajakan
Pikirkan beberapa orang yang telah kerja keras membuat game bermodalkan uang besar, otak pemikiran yang terkuras habis, dan tenaga serta keringat semasa beberapa bulan, atau serta sekian tahun.

Kita tinggal semaunya membeli game copy-an dari tukang membajak pada harga yang benar-benar murah. Pengembang game tidak bisa apa-apa, penjahat tukang baja game bisa uang besar serta kaya raya. Kita juga pada akhirnya bisa dosa.

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Jika tidak punyai banyak uang, upayakan tidak mainkan game komersil yang dialokasikan dengan cara tidak gratis. Mencari game-game yang berbentuk free alias gratis lisensinya. Di internet kita dapat unduh game gratis, demonstrasi, serta game yang dapat dimainkan dengan cara online langsung di internet tanpa ada memasang game-nya.

Cintai Badan Anda
Bila satu game membuat kita pusing sebab pemikiran game yang tidak sesuai kekuatan otak kita, selekasnya hentikan serta jangan mainkan lagi. Buat apa kita main game tetapi membuat tubuh kita jadi sakit.

It can be a game that is played for sore, tired and weak when played for too long. It can also make our fingers hurt and many other body complaints. Anyway, we have to know the limits of our body’s endurance in existing games. Do not play too many games that are not good for our bodies.


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